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No one ever said adulthood was easy. In fact, it's often taxing, hectic, and costs a lot of money. If this is your first time living independently and taking care of yourself, the learning curve may seem especially long. These seven adulting Android and iPhone apps should help ease your transition.

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What is adulting?

A common term among millennials or young adults, adulting is acting like an adult by doing all of the things that adults are expected to do.

What are some adulting examples?

Examples of adulting among millennials may include great life changes, such as living on your own or getting and maintaining your first job. But it is often used in reference to more minor activities like house cleaning, remembering to pick up toilet paper, dropping clothes off at the dry cleaners, choosing nice bottles of wine, keeping a to-do list, opening a bank account, keeping your checking account in good standing, socking money away in a savings account, checking your credit score every once in a while, making and keeping medical appointments, and renewing your car registration.

Vivino Wine Scanner (Android, iOS)

If you want to be treated like an adult, then you need to drink like one for the first time in your life. So put the bottle of Two Buck Chuck back on the Trader Joe's shelf and pick up the free iOS and Android app, Vivino Wine Scanner. You'll get wine recommendations from a collection of 200,000 labels. You can also scan a label at the wine store or an entire wine list at a restaurant and get pricing, ratings, reviews, and even food-pairing options.


Instacart (Android, iOS)

You're too busy at your part-time job to head to the grocery store -- pushing a loaded shopping cart through narrow, overly crowded aisles, looking for items, only to end up waiting in slow-moving checkout lines. That's why you'll relish the Instacart app. Place your grocery store order from Whole Foods Market, Target, CVS, and other major retailers and get groceries, booze, and home goods delivered to your door in two hours or less.

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DoorDash (Android, iOS)

Do you miss mom's home-cooked meals from your high school days? DoorDash runs a close second with home-delivered meals from 40,000+ restaurants in 450+ cities, delivered to you, whether you're at home, work, or traveling.


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Stitch Fix (iOS)

The days of your parents picking out your clothes are now over. So send Stitch Fix your style, size, and price preferences and get five stylish items handpicked for you from a fashion stylist and shipped to your door for 25 percent off.


TaskRabbit (Android, iOS)

You should have paid attention when your parents were teaching you life skills like how to screw in a light bulb, light your oven's pilot light, or -- gasp -- assemble an Ikea coffee table. Good thing that you were more attentive when your friends told you about TaskRabbit, because now you can book a handyperson to come over and do it all for you through the service's handy app.


Mint (Android, iOS)

Managing your finances can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, personal finance app Mint brings your bank account and credit card accounts together with your bills and investments, so you can budget better, avoid late fees, credit card debt, and a poor credit score, and even sock away money for a rainy day.


TurboTax (Android, iOS)

Taxes are easy, said no one ever...till TurboTax, that is. TurboTax Tax Return App makes filing as easy as possible, guiding you through each section of your return. TurboTax will recommend the appropriate product for you, save you time by importing your W-2 for your federal and state returns using your phone's camera, and enable you to pay and file from the app.

TurboTax is also secure, starting with encryption of your data. During registration, you must provide your phone number, which TurboTax will use as an additional authentication method if you ever need to log in from another device. You can set up fingerprint ID or a four-digit app PIN for an extra layer of security.


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