Along with releasing MacOS Mojave last week, Apple pushed out new versions of its Keynote, Numbers, and Pages iWork suite of productivity apps that take advantage of a few of Mojave's new capabilities.

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Dark Mode

All three members of Apple's iWork suite can take advantage of Mojave's Dark Mode.

In Mojave, users can switch to a systemwide dark appearance that applies a darker color palette to windows, menus, and controls. The idea is elements in the lighter foreground stand out against darker background colors. Turn on dark mode by heading to the Apple menu, choosing System Preferences, clicking General, and at the top of the window beside Appearance clicking Dark.


Continuity Camera

If you have iOS 12 installed on your iPhone or iPad you can use Continuity Camera to scan a document or capture a image, and it will appear instantly on your Mac.

Many of Mojave's apps work with Continuity Camera, including the Finder, Mail, and Messages. And it works with Keynote, Numbers, and Pages so you can add scans and images right into your documents and presentations.

To use Continuity Camera, your Apple devices need to be running either MacOS or iOS 12, near each other on a Wi-Fi network with Bluetooth enabled, and signed into iCloud and using two-factor authentication.



With Mojave, you can record, edit, and add audio to a Keynote, Numbers, or Pages document. Tap the Media button in the app's toolbar, select Record Audio, and then tap the red record button. To stop recording tap the gray stop button. You can listen to your recording by tapping Preview. After you finish recording, you can re-record parts, trim it, or delete it and start again.


Adjust shapes

In the three productivity apps, you can add a shape to a file by clicking the Shape button in the app's toolbar and selecting the shape you want. In Mojave, you can adjust the curves along the edge of a shape and adjust the features of a shape, such as reshaping the corners of a rounded square or changing the shape of the points of a star.

Smart categories

And finally, Numbers in Mojave gains a new tool called Smart Categories. The tool lets you create categories and subcategories for a spreadsheet and then summarize categorized data and create charts based on categories.


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  1. Apple's iWork suite of productivity apps gets updated to take advantage of Mojave.
  2. The updates to Keynote, Numbers, and Pages let you use dark mode, record audio, add images from your iPhone, tweak shapes, and more.

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