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In light of events within and around the Trump administration since the 2016 election, the 2018 midterms have become unusually prominent as a nation now faces the possibility of impeaching its president. With the current Republican majority in the House and Senate, Congress has elected not to seriously consider the notion so far, but this may change if Democrats gain the majority when America goes to the polls on November 6.

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Today, in a bid to make sure that voters' voices are heard to the fullest extent, Lyft announced that it's offering deep discounts and free rides for people heading to midterm election polling stations on November 6 (so called because this election occurs in the middle of a president's four-year term in office).

If you are the resident of "underserved communities that face significant obstacles to transportation," then your Lyft ride to the nearest polling station will be free, subsdized by non-partisan groups such as Urban League and the National Federation for the Blind. Lyft defines these communities as those where the average income is less than $30,000 a year per household.

For the remainder of rideshare fans, Lyft is partnering with Nonprofit Vote, Vote.org, and TurboVote, who will be offering 50 percent off vouchers for rides that end at a polling place. The Lyft app itself will provide a tool to find the closest place to cast your vote.

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Lyft is also taking steps to raise awareness about registering to vote in the first place, "using various social media and platform tools (e.g. push notifications)." Drivers will also be given registration materials to hand out to riders.

U.S. citizens who are not registered can get squared away at any time by visiting Vote.gov, selecting their state from the drop-down menu, and clicking on the button labeled "Find out how to register."

If you're not sure about your registration status, or you don't know where your polling place is, you can get that info at a site like Headcount.org. We highly recommend verifying your status regardless, in the event that your registration has been purged illegally. Unfortunately, this has been known to happen without notice.

The takeaways

  1. Lyft is offering big discounts and free rides on November 6, for riders who are heading to a polling place to vote in the 2018 midterm election.
  2. The midterm election may decide the fate of Donald Trump's presidency, if the Democratic Party gains a majority in the House and/or the Senate.

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