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Learning a new language isn't easy. There are new sounds, pronunciations -- maybe even a new writing system -- and a seemingly endless list of rules and conjugations. Many of us struggle through the classes in school and quickly forget anything we learned afterward. Others want to learn another language but the idea seems daunting.

But learning a new language may be as easy as knowing the lyrics to a song. The Lirica app (iOS, Android) uses Latin music to help users learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

"Songs make language memorable, they are naturally engaging and form a window into the cultures they represent," Licrica's website said.

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After you download the app, you can pick between songs to download based on skill level: beginner, intermediate, or expert. Most of the songs are free, but you can subscribe for more songs with Premium.

A Premium subscription costs $9.50 for per month. Users can also purchase three months for $19.50 or six months for $9 as a special launch offer.

Tap the song you want to learn, and you'll see the lesson plan. Tap the play button to start the song and bits of trivia will run under the video. When the lyrics start, the Spanish and English translations will appear. The Spanish lyrics will light up so you can keep up with the words.

After you listen to the song a few times, you can start the lessons. Lirica will show a lyric with a missing Spanish word. You can see a hint at the top of the screen in English.

Tap Review Words to read both the Spanish and English translations of the lyrics. In addition, you can play a game to "capture words" while the song plays. The song will start again and the lyrics will appear with blanks. If you recognize or remember the phrase, tap the option that you hear. When you master a song, you get a gold star.

Lirica was named one of Google Play's "hidden gems" of 2018.

"Whether you learn languages for personal growth, to learn about other cultures, or simply as a hobby, with our app, you will re-discover your passion for learning languages!" Lirica's app description said.

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  1. The Lirica app uses Latin music to help users learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar.
  2. In the app, you can pick a song based on your skill level and delve into lessons that revolve around the lyrics and music video.

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