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The Legal Services Link (LSL) app (iOS, Android) wants to hook you up with an attorney. Not romantically, of course, but the app does work a little like the dating app Tinder.

Legal Services Link wants to make matching attorneys and clients efficient and inexpensive. CEO Matthew Horn told Digital Trends that LSL makes finding a lawyer less intimidating, and cuts down on costs.

"It's all about providing options, and much like dating, there's someone out there for everyone," Horn told Digital Trends. "This platform just makes finding that perfect someone that much easier."

The company claims to connect clients to attorneys with three easy steps: Post your legal needs, get contacted by a lawyer interested in helping, and review lawyers to find the best fit.

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Using Legal Services Link as a client

Potential clients can filter their search for a lawyer by practice areas, city, and more after filling out their profile. Making an account on LSL is free.

You can find an attorney one of two ways: You can submit an anonymous request detailing legal needs to be reviewed, or you can search a directory with location, area of law, and price filters.

If you submit a request, it'll be reviewed by attorneys the request could apply to. Attorneys interested in helping can contact you by email. LSL suggests questions remain general.

LSL warns that the requests aren't privileged or confidential, meaning any lawyer with an account can read it. The app reminds clients not to include personal information, contact information, or anything that might implicate them in a crime.

Once a client-attorney match is made, the hiring takes place outside of the app or website. To hire the attorney, it's standard from there. Clients should contact the attorney or their office. If you posted a legal project though, you can tap "Accept Application."

After hiring, LSL lets you provide ratings and feedback on your attorney experience. Clients can only add ratings or feedback after a hire. The company asks for fair, accurate, and constructive feedback.

Using Legal Services Link as an attorney

Like clients, lawyers should make a free account on the app or website to get started. LSL encourages profiles to be as complete as possible, as it's the first thing a client sees. Attorneys can keep a free account, or pay $250 annually for premium access.

Premium access seems necessary because it lets you respond to project postings and connect with clients.

After making an account, legal postings filtered by state and area of practice will be emailed to you and listed on the Attorney Homepage. If you tap "Find Work," you can search projects in other cities or areas of law.

Once you find a project you'd like to take on, as long as you have premium access, tap the project title, and tap "Connect with Client." You can send an email to the client from there. The client then determines whether to accept the proposal.

If the client decides to hire you, the process goes through your office, not LSL.

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  1. The Legal Services Link app helps clients find the best attorney as efficiently and cheaply as possible.
  2. Clients can submit requests for legal help for attorneys to review. If the attorney wants to help, they email the client. Attorneys and legal posts are searchable by city and area of law.

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