Shazam 1.7 does more than just identifying songs
Shazam 1.7 does more than just identify songs. (Credit: Nicole Lee/CNET)

Shazam has fast become one of those must-have apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Not only can you use it for song identification, you can then recommend that song to a friend via e-mail, or watch a related music video on YouTube, or purchase the song via iTunes. You can also add a photo to the music tag for a visual reminder of where you first heard the song.

Well, along with the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware update, Shazam also released version 1.7, which has a number of added features. It now integrates with the GPS function on your iPhone to mark the exact location from which you first tagged a song, thus allowing you to see your musical journey of sorts laid out on a map. In addition to sharing a music tag with a friend, you can now send it as a postcard that lets your friends buy the songs you discovered. If you want wider dissemination of the song, you can also configure Shazam to post the artist and track details to your Twitter account.

iPod Touch first- and second-generation owners will be glad to know that Shazam 1.7 also now supports the MacAlly iVoice III external microphone. Other improvements include better scrolling, clearer highlights, and improved speed.