Firefox users in search of greater privacy and security will find a couple of handy options in the latest update of Mozilla's browser.

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Geared for Windows, MacOS, and Android, Firefox version 62 has tweaked its Sync feature with a helpful reminder. Designed to maintain the same bookmarks, passwords, and other data across different devices, Firefox Sync is a useful tool. But it can leave your data vulnerable if you forget to delete all traces of yourself. Now, if you disconnect from Sync, the browser asks if you want to remove your synced and private data, including bookmarks, passwords, history, cookies, cache, and offline data.

Another option is aimed at users of the upcoming MacOS 10.14 Mojave update. Turning on the new Dark Mode in Mojave darkens your windows, menus, and screens, a look that may be easier on your eyes and makes it harder for passersby to see what you're doing. With Dark Mode enabled, Firefox automatically joins in with its own dark theme. This option puts the Mac version of Firefox on par with Firefox for iOS, which recently introduced the dark theme mode.

Privacy and security are always concerns when surfing the web and accessing your accounts. We like the convenience offered by browser synchronization and other features but we want to make sure our personal data is safe and protected. Mozilla has been adding stronger privacy features to Firefox to enhance the browser and make it more appealing than Google Chrome.

There's more in Firefox 62. The new version supports variable fonts, a CSS implementation through which web developers can create different styles of fonts using a single file. For Firefox users, that means quicker load times for web pages that employ a potpourri of fonts. Firefox Home now lets you view as many as four rows of top sites, Pocket stories, and highlights. And the "Reopen in Container" option, through which you can organize open web pages into different categories, now lets you reopen a tabbed page in a different container.

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  1. The latest version of Firefox offers a couple of features designed to enhance your privacy and security.
  2. The browser now prompts you to delete your private data if you disconnect from Firefox Sync and supports Dark Mode in MacOS Mojave.

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