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Complaints are flooding forums and social media about the new iOS 12 Screen Time feature. Users on Reddit, Twitter, MacRumors, and Apple Support have noticed a significant difference in their iPhone's battery life since upgrading to the new OS.

"Prior to iOS 12, I would typically end my day around 65-75% battery life on my iPhone X depending on my usage that day. Post iOS12 it was normal for my battery life to be down to 30% by the end of the day," one Reddit user wrote last week.

As users turned to trial and error to find a solution, the battery draining culprit turned out to be Screen Time, iOS 12's lauded digital wellness feature.

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To turn off Screen Time, tap features and then Screen Time. The feature can be managed or disabled from there.

It can take a device a minute to adjust after a new OS update, whether in performance or responsiveness. The new iPhones have had a few complaints about charging separate from the OS update, however.

Users reported that their new iPhone XS and the XS Max weren't charging despite being connected to a power cord. Apple has since released iOS 12.0.1 fixing the charge cable issue. The change-log didn't mention Screen Time's problems though.

The Screen Time feature was a highly anticipated feature after the iOS 12 Public Beta release. Instead of setting limits on individual apps, the new OS would work from your device as a whole.

The feature shows a breakdown of your phone usage in graphs. You can view your most used iOS apps, how many times you've handled your phone, and how many notifications you've received. The Downtime feature lets you schedule away time from your devices. If you try to come back early, Screen Time guilts you with notifications to stick it out.

Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram have been promoting in-app tools to combat smartphone addiction. Parents also showed interest in apps like Google's Family Link that allows them to remotely shut off their kid's phone.

Though it probably wasn't Apple's intention, the battery draining side effect of Screen Time is certainly one way to decrease a person's time on their smartphone.

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  1. Apple's new Screen Time feature in the iOS 12 update is getting complaints from users that it's draining their device's battery.
  2. Turning off Screen Time can be done by tapping Settings and Screen Time. Turning off the feature defeats the purpose, but other apps have begun adding digital wellness trackers.

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