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Love it or hate it, Apple's iPhone X notch is probably here to stay. For those that don't know, the notch is the cutout at the top of the company's top-tier phone designed to accommodate Apple's front-facing TrueDepth camera and Face ID sensor, which lets you unlock your phone using facial recognition.

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While Apple has demanded that new app developers create apps for the App Store that support the new design, which also includes what's referred to as the "horns" around the notch and rounded corners, not all existing app developers have adhered to this requirement. That's why some popular apps for iPhone, whose interfaces haven't been restyled to fit the iPhone X's 20 percent more vertical screen space and rounded corners, still look crowded and even cut off on the iPhone X. But some developers have risen to the challenge and updated their apps with the notch in mind. Here are 20 of the best-looking apps on iPhone models X and the upcoming XS.

1. YouTube

The YouTube (iOS) app for iPhone is the place to go watch viral, music, DIY, and news videos. With a YouTube premium account, you can enjoy an ad-free experience, watch programming in the background and even offline, and enjoy YouTube originals. But even if you don't have an upgraded subscription, you'll enjoy watching your favorite video in all its glory, filling the iPhone X's 5.8-inch Super Retina display without the notch getting in the way.


2. HBO Now

For $14.99 a month, you can watch all your favorite HBO programming -- "Game of Thrones," "Westworld," and "Big Little Lies" -- as soon as they air as well as movies, comedy specials, and more on the HBO Now (iOS) app. With the iPhone X, those "GoT" fight scenes will look even more epic.


3. Netflix

While you can't replicate the movie screen experience on your smartphone, you can inch closer to it with the Netflix (iOS) app for iPhone X. All those movies and original TV shows including "Stranger Things," "Orange Is the New Black," and "Glow" that you already enjoy on Netflix become even more immersive on the iPhone X's larger screen in zoomed compatibility mode.


4. Spotify Music

Our favorite music streaming app, Spotify Music (iOS) updated its interface for iPhone X, making use of the extra screen space for album cover display and playlist navigation.


5. Overcast

Award-winning audio podcast player Overcast (iOS) brings us sunshine on a cloudy day with its design update for iPhone X. That's because its developers made changes to the UI to ensure that nothing gets cut off by the notch.


6. Medium

The Medium (iOS) app is a popular platform for publishing and reading provocative articles on the timeliest of topics. With a $4.99-per-month premium subscription, you can unlock even more content. The expanded content offering looks extra good and readable on the iPhone X's expanded screen.


7. Apollo for Reddit

The award-winning unofficial Reddit app, Apollo for Reddit (iOS) promises faster browsing with a powerful set of in-app features and is lovely to look at on the iPhone X. In the sleep-promoting dark mode, for example, the device's horns seamlessly blend with the notch, as if it's part of the app's layout.


8. Flipboard

Free news aggregator Flipboard (iOS) already makes headlines for serving your daily news to you in curated Smart Magazine form, based on your interests. Just imagine how much easier the news will be to read -- even if it's getting harder to stomach -- on the iPhone X's larger screen.

Flipboard app
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9. Pocket

The Pocket (iOS) app, where you save links, articles, videos, webpages, and more to read later -- even offline -- is now easier to scan and skim with the iPhone X's expanded screen real estate.


10. Ulysses

Whether you're writing a note, blog, term paper, or novel that rivals James Joyce's "Ulysses," the Ulysses (iOS) writing and editing app is a pleasure to work in. For elegantly incorporating the notch, it's also a pleasure to look at on the iPhone X.


11. Halide

Powerful camera app Halide (iOS) has the advanced filtering and editing tools -- focus peaking, a detailed histogram, adaptive level grid, depth capture, and RAW support -- that you can use with a swipe to take your photos to the next level. Its developers get bonus points for completely redesigning the app's interface to account for iPhone X's edge-to-edge screen and notched design, putting the "devil horns" around the notch to good use by placing your photo's histogram on the left and its exposure adjustment readout on the right.


12. Facebook

While many people have closed their Facebook accounts or at least lessened their time on the social media site on account of Facebook's unscrupulous privacy practices, those who still make regular use of the social network will be happy to know that developers have made every effort to shift features around in the Facebook (iOS) app, so they all remain evident within the iPhone X's new design. Can we say the same for Facebook's privacy "policies"?


13. Instagram

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram (iOS) also looks great on the iPhone X. Just pinch to zoom in on a photo, and it will fill the screen in all its glory, wrapping around the notch.


14. Lyft

Your Lyft drivers may drive you crazy when they don't know where they're going. The Lyft (iOS) app, however, is all about seamless navigation, elegantly filling the horns around the iPhone X's notch and moving buttons around so that its interface doesn't get cut off by the iPhone X's cutout.


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15. Google Earth

The Google Earth (iOS) app, which enables users to explore the world via satellite imagery and 3D structures and terrain, immerses you even deeper in your exploration by capitalizing on the iPhone X's edge-to-edge screen.


16. Carrot Weather

You might not be able to wrap your head around global warming. But at least the Carrot Weather (iOS) app's sassy weather forecasts elegantly wrap around the iPhone X's notch.


17. Housecraft

Interior designers rejoice! AR app Housecraft (iOS), relying on the iPhone X's built-in camera and ARKit functionality and enabling you to position 3D models of furniture or accent pieces anywhere in your home to see how they fit, gives you an even more lifelike simulation of what to expect by filling up the iPhone X's expanded screen.


18. Numerical

With its iPhone X layout improvements, Numerical (iOS), one of the fastest, smartest, and prettiest calculator apps we've ever come across looks exponentially more attractive in full-screen, elegantly wrapping around the iPhone X's notch and making good use of the horns.


19. Alto's Adventure

Help a charming snowboarding llama herder gather up his runaway flock sliding down Peruvian slopes in Snowman's captivating sidescroller Alto's Adventure (iOS). With the developer's update for iPhone X, users can make use of the entire display in portrait mode and landscape mode without the notch getting in the way.


20. The Machines

When you're fighting your enemies on a tabletop in the augmented reality multiplayer action game, The Machines (iOS), you need to be able to see what you're doing when you're positioning your robotic troops and aiming weapons. The iPhone X's larger screen space becomes an excellent viewfinder to do just that.


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