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Apple's new iOS version 12.1.1 may be a minor update, but it still manages to cook up several new features and fixes for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices.

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Released on December 5, the latest flavor of iOS should please FaceTime users, as you can now more quickly bounce between the front and rear camera during a video call. iOS 12.1.1 places the Flip button directly on the home screen; previously you had to dive into a separate menu to access that button. Further, you can now take a Live Photo during a FaceTime call to capture a quick video clip as opposed to a still image.

iPhone XR and XS owners eager to try out Apple's eSIM dual-SIM feature will find more carriers onboard. AT&T has already added support for eSIM, while Verizon will do the same starting December 7, a Verizon spokesperson confirmed to CNET. A spokesperson for T-Mobile confirmed to that the carrier will support Apple eSIM technology, adding that the company doesn't have any timing to share at this time but told people to "stay tuned." You can view a list of supported carriers worldwide at Apple's eSIM support page. eSIM adds a virtual SIM card slot, which lets iPhone XR and XS users juggle two phone numbers on one device.

Next, iOS 12.1.1 adds support for electrocardiograms as a step toward the ECG app expected to launch for the Apple Watch Series 4 in the next version of WatchOS.

The new update adds Haptic Touch support to notifications on the lock screen for the iPhone XR. That means iPhone XR owners can tap a notification preview to elicit a haptic feedback, thus revealing the full notification.

Apple's release notes for iOS 12.1.1 also highlight an option to hide the sidebar in Apple's News app when using it on an iPad in landscape mode. Further, the notes mention support for real-time text (RTT) for Wi-Fi calls on an iPad or iPod Touch. Designed to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing, RTT displays the text of a phone conversation in real time. Finally, the update resolves bugs with Face ID, visual voicemail, iMessage, and Voice Memos.

To download iOS 12.1.1, open Settings, go to General, and then select Software Update. Your device will check for and download the latest update.

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  1. Apple has released iOS 12.1.1 with new FaceTime features and additional carriers for the eSIM dual-SIM feature.
  2. The update also adds support for the Apple Watch Series 4's upcoming ECG app and haptic touch for notifications on the iPhone XR.

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