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Select Instagram users are testing out the mobile app video tagging feature. TechCrunch reported tagging in videos will work similar to tagging photos. It's possible videos would be more difficult to tag friends in.

Tagging in a video redirects users to a new page, "People in this Video." The page displays the Instagram users who are in the video or anyone the user might want to add. It doesn't look like the videos will appear on tagged users' profiles like photos do.

The feature is only on mobile currently. Instagram hasn't said too much about the test or plans for a larger launch.

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Instagram's photo tagging launched in 2013. Since then, it has added product tagging and tagging friends in Stories. Video sharing launched the same year as photo tagging.

It's interesting that it has taken so long to let users tag in them. In that five-year period, Instagram has suggested tagging friends in video comments.

Perhaps video tagging is on the backburner because Instagram has historically been popular for just photo-sharing. With Instagram's more clickable ads, it could be financially advantageous to push video tagging along.

With advertisers placing highly tailored videos in user feeds, it could draw more engagement if videos have tagging. Instagram's go-to phrase seems to be: "We're always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love."

What could draw people on social media closer together than more ways to tag each other in important videos, funny memes, or happy memories?

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  1. Instagram is trying out video tagging amongst a select number of users, though they don't have a timeline on a full rollout.
  2. Photo tagging and other features came before video tagging, making it seem like an overdue next step.

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