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Instagram has been rolling out updates, new features, and additions to its app almost all year. From its standalone shopping app, to video tagging, Instagram shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are four new and upcoming features entering beta testing that users can expect to see:

1. GIFs

Replying to messages with a GIF is more fun than regular emojis. The options are practically infinite to find the perfect response with GIFs. Now, thanks to Instagram's partnership with Giphy, users with the latest version of Instagram on iOS and Android can send GIFs in their direct messages.

The GIF option will be in the composition bar when you open Instagram Direct or reply to a current message. Tapping the GIF icon will display trending GIFs, but you can use the search bar to find the perfect reaction GIF.

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2. Resharing feature

Instagram told TechCrunch that Regramming in the Instagram app is "not happening."

Instagram has held off from including a native reposting option in the app saying that it could potentially compromise the authenticity of the app. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom told Wired that sharing content from other users is typically done in Direct Messages.

Rumors that Instagram was testing the feature reported by The Verge, were false.

It looks like the burden will remain with third-party apps to let users "regram" posts they liked. Apps like Repost for Instagram, Iconosquare, and Websta enable reposting while giving the original account credit.

3. Quelling hashtag mania

If you're on the hunt for more followers or views on your Instagram, odds are #you #hashtag #everything in your captions. But, a new feature could be in the works to change that.

Instagram hasn't mentioned testing or releasing the Hashtag Selector, but TechCrunch reported on rumors of its development. The feature would serve to clean up captions and make them more readable. Instead, users could do their tagging in a separate field, "Add Hashtags."

Adding the feature could help to finetune Instagram's user personalization even more. Tweaking hashtags might actually help users find more posts they care about, get more follows, and organize the Explore page.

4. Stories Highlight stickers

The feature, confirmed to TechCrunch as being tested, would add further elements of Twitter's quote-tweet and Snapchat.

Instagram is testing letting users turn someone else's Stories Highlight into a sticker overlay for their own Story. The feature would serve to drive user engagement, help businesses promote their products or services, and further solidify Instagram as the app that has it all.

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  1. Instagram continues to release and tease new features and updates like GIFS in Direct Messages, resharing posts, cleaning up hashtags, and Story Highlight stickers.
  2. Over this past year Instagram has released features like video tagging, shopping through Stories, and new sticker and poll options in Direct Messages.

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