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Do you have half a dozen friends you'd like to group video chat with? Instagram can help.

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With the latest version of the Instagram app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, you can call up to six people to join you in a group video chat, according to an updated help page from the photo and video sharing network. The new number is a bump up from the four people you could chat with when Instagram introduced group video calling through direct messaging this past June.

Video chatting is one way for Instagram to compete with other social networks, including its own parent Facebook, which has offered group video chats for the past couple of years. With iOS 12, Apple was supposed to roll out group FaceTime video chatting with support for up with 32 people, but that feature has been delayed.

To use group Video Chat in Instagram Direct, you need to be in a group direct message, which means you need to create a group first. To do this from your Instagram home screen, tap the arrow in the upper right corner or swipe to the left to move to the Direct Messages screen. From here, tap on the Plus icon in the upper right. Select the people you want to add to your new group. If you don't see them under suggested contacts, you can search for them by Instagram name. After you've selected the people you want to add, tap Next. At the next screen, name the group.

After you've created the group, return to the Direct Messages screen. Tap the name of the group and then tap the camera icon in the upper right corner of the home screen. Each person in the group will receive a notification to join the video call. And each one who accepts will appear on the screen fitting into as many as six different frames.

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  1. Instagram now lets you group video chat with up to six people using Direct Messages.
  2. The latest number is an increase from the four people you could call via video when Instagram unveiled video group chatting in June.

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