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Ads on Instagram (iOS, Android) don't seem as irritating as ads on YouTube or Facebook. Maybe it's because we can scroll past them without having a video disrupted, or maybe it's because they can be remarkably tailored to us.

Instagram is reportedly poised to capitalize on the possibility with a standalone shopping app that may be named IG Shopping. Sources said the app would let users browse and shop from businesses they follow in the main Instagram app. There's no public timeline on the app's release.

Instagram could've been setting up this move for a while. In 2016, they added shopping tags in the app that let users see prices and where to buy an advertised item if it struck their fancy. Small-business owners that advertise on Instagram usually drop a link in the caption or comments.

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The market to advertise on Instagram is hot right now. More than 25 million businesses use Instagram, and four out of every five Instagram user follows a business, according to Facebook's last earning call.

But how necessary is the rumored new app? Making a standalone shopping app would put Instagram in direct competition with shopping apps like Etsy (iOS, Android) and Shopfiy (iOS, Android).

Instagram doesn't seem to be afraid of risks and staking out new territory, such as the launch of IGTV over the summer, which is intended to be an alternative to YouTube with a bold a bold vertical view.

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  1. Instagram might be developing a standalone shopping app, possibly called IG Shopping.
  2. The app would continue to grow Instagram, and provide users with a place to browse and shop businesses they follow on their main accounts.

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