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Instagram is encouraging its users to vote in the upcoming midterm elections with new stories, stickers, and ads in user feeds as well as an easily accessible link to voter information and how to register.

The social media site paired with TurboVote, an election and voting information hub, to provide users with the most up-to-date and accurate information on registration, state's voting rules, and more.

"Ahead of National Voter Registration Day, we are helping our community register to vote and get to the polls on November 6th" Instagram wrote on its site. "From today, Instagram will connect US voters with the information they need to get registered."

The "I Voted" sticker is a fun part of Election Day, and Instagram has that covered too. The site will offer the stickers for Stories on November 6. While showing everyone that you exercised your rights, Instagram also hopes the stickers might put some gentle peer pressure on others to do the same. The stickers include links to help other users find their polling places.

Instagram plans to release more information in the coming weeks.

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Getting younger generations to vote has always been a driving force in elections. Instagram's initiative could potentially boost voter turnout. TechCrunch reported if one party's base skews younger, they could gain an advantage.

Millennials have been one of the fastest growing voter groups the last few years. In April millennials were closing in on the Baby Boomers as the largest generation. Earlier this year, Rock the Vote predicted millennials would be the largest voting bloc in 2018.

Social media has been a key player in elections for better or for worse. In 2010, the non-partisan "Get out the vote" message on Facebook was estimated to have encouraged an additional 340,000 votes.

It's not all positive though. The 2016 election revealed vulnerabilities to false advertisements and interference on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

For now though, Instagram is trying to do some good ahead of the midterm elections. Multiple websites and other social media platforms offer ways for their users to register to vote. Services like Lyft also offer free and discounted rides to polling places on election day.

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  1. Ahead of the midterm elections, Instagram is encouraging users to vote with new Stories linking to registration and polling information.
  2. Social media can be a determinant in elections because it's where one of the largest voting demographics, the millenials, congregate.

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