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Instagram is getting a slew of new features, including a camera tool called Create Mode, enhanced shopping tools and support for starting a fundraiser within the app.

Instagram has already started rolling out the new tools. Here's how to use them.

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Using Instagram's new camera Create mode

The new camera uses a wheel-like design with multiple camera modes, including the new Create. This option allows you to add quizzes, stickers and countdowns to your story without uploading a photo or video first.

1. When you log in to the app, tap on the camera icon.

2. Select Create and choose from options such as text (type anything), ask me a question (ask your friends a question), polls (ask a question and give your friends two options) and a countdown (birthday, wedding, event).

3. Choose which friends you would like to share the quizzes and countdowns with, or share them to your Story for everyone to see.

Now you can start sharing your best moments with friends and family without the world seeing.

Create a fundraiser in Instagram Stories

You can now create a fundraiser that lets your followers donate to your chosen cause.

1. Tap on the new smiley face icon in Stories and select the Donation sticker.

2. Choose the nonprofit organization you want to support, such as Black Girls Code or the ASPCA. (It has to be on Facebook's fundraising platform and have an Instagram business profile to appear as an option.)

3. Share to your Story.

You can swipe up to see how much you've raised, and every dollar earned will go to the nonprofit.

Shop your favorite brands without leaving the app

To shop directly through Instagram:

1. Go to Explore and tap Shopping.

2. Choose the top block that says Shop now with checkout.

3. Scroll through the brands and select the one you want to shop.

4. When you find something you want to buy, tap Checkout on Instagram and complete your order.

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