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The list for potential presidential candidates in 2020 is growing longer every day. With candidate debates planned for this year, it's never too early to start educating yourself on who's running and where they stand on issues.

Though the large pool of candidates will shrink over the next 12 to 18 months, the presidential hopefuls have already started campaigning, reaching out on social media and speaking at town halls.

One of the fastest ways to know where a politician stands on an issue is to see their voting record and what kinds of bills they introduced or supported. The Politiscope app (download for iOS or Android) tracks that information and explains what the record would mean for voters in a nonpartisan fashion.

The Politiscope app has been available for iOS users since last November, and starting late last week, Android users were able to grab the app for their phones.

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After downloading the app and registering on Politiscope, you'll be taken to the app dashboard and view Featured Bills under topics like healthcare, foreign policy and law enforcement. You'll be able to see which congressperson introduced the bill and read a quick description.

Politiscope will also show where the bill is at on its legislative journey through the House of Representatives and the Senate and hopefully to the President's desk, for signature or veto.

If you tap a bill, you can read more about it in the app or save it to read later.

Depending on what you want to know about, you can research bills by topic, read articles and watch short video clips in the Daily Scope.

In Politiscope, you can get to better know the politicians representing you under the Meet Congress tab. The app includes a profile for the congresspeople in each state. Tapping a profile will show you any legislation that they've voted on (and how they voted), their biography and how to contact them.

While in the congressperson's profile, you can tap a piece of legislation they voted for and see more information about that bill. Politiscope provides a summary, the bill's sponsor, co-sponsors, status and a link to the bill's full text.

Politiscope puts legislation into everyday language and in the palm of your hand. Customizing your notification settings will keep you on top of legislation and how your congresspeople are representing you.

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  1. The Politiscope app, which just gained Android support, makes legislation easier and more accessible and easier to understand in a non-partisan format.
  2. In addition to legislation, the app helps you get to know your representatives with in-depth profiles that include voting records, biographies and contact information.

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