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A migraine can ruin your day. The pain alone can make functioning almost impossible, but the sensitivity to light and sound, the nausea and other symptoms can throw the breaks on your plans.

You can find quite a few headache tracking apps, but the N1-Headache app (download for iOS or Android) might be one of the most comprehensive.

N1-Headache not only logs your migraines but maps potential contributing factors that you may be able to alter with behavioral or lifestyle changes.

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After you create an account in the app, N1-Headache gives you a questionnaire to better understand your lifestyle, the frequency and intensity of your headaches, any medication you take and more.

From there, you can start your Daily Diary and track your diet, emotions and environmental factors. The more days you log, the more data N1-Headache has to work with to analyze.

After logging headaches, N1-Headache creates a digital report to help you visualize your migraines. Over time, you can better understand how treatments, lifestyle choices, environment, moods and activity may influence your headaches.

The app also creates a report that you can share with your doctor or care team. The report will include all the data you've tracked in the app in a given span of time.

N1-Headache is free to use, but extra features are available in Premium. A lifetime subscription is a one-time $50 fee. Users can also ask their doctors about a coupon code that unlocks all the Premium features for free.

With Premium, or a coupon code, you'll get access to maps that detail your triggers, ways to protect yourself and factors that aren't associated with your headaches. Premium will also let you know if you're taking too much medication.

At anytime, users can upgrade, downgrade or enter the coupon code in the app.

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  1. The N1-Headache app logs your migraines, and maps potential contributing factors that you may be able to alter with behavioral or lifestyle changes for relief.
  2. The app can create your tracked data into a chart that is easily shareable with your doctor.

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