With Amazon Prime Day 2019 coming up July 15, now's the time to start planning your approach to the massive annual shopping event. This is your chance to score a new TV or Amazon Echo for a fraction of the usual price. Over a day and a half, Amazon puts tens and tens of thousands of products on sale for Prime Day -- some on sale for a brief period of time and others available in limited quantities.

CNET will closely monitor all the Amazon Prime Day deals as they pop up, so if you follow along with us, you'll be sure to not miss anything. But if you'd rather see the action for yourself, you can set alerts for Amazon to notify you when an item goes on sale so you can snap it up when the time comes.

You can grab a Prime Day deal if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, so make sure you are a member in good standing before the deals start. And if you're not a paying member, don't worry: You can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial, which gets you all the benefits of a Prime subscription for 30 days -- including access to Prime Day deals -- and lets you cancel without paying at the end of the trial. An annual membership is $119 a year, or $12.99 a month.

How to get alerts on Prime Day deals

Deals can happen at any hour during Prime Day -- and even before and after the fact -- so it's not a bad idea to spend some time identifying items you're interested in and then watch the deal in the Amazon Shopping app (Android and iOS) to receive notifications when they go on sale. That way, you won't miss a deal. Even better, the deals come to you, which may help keep your shopping stress level in check.

Set up an Amazon Prime Day deal alert on your phone.

  1. In the Amazon Shopping app, tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner and then tap Today's Deals.
  2. In the Today's Deals window, tap the Upcoming tab (to the right of Right Now) and scroll through what's coming up.
  3. When you find an item you want to set an alert for, tap Watch this deal below the item. The app may ask you to allow notifications if this is your first time.
  4. To check on the status of the items you're watching, tap the Watching tab.
  5. When the deal goes live, you can add the item to your cart or buy with 1-Click from the Watching tab.
  6. And if you change your mind, tap Watching below the item to take it off your watch list.

When the deal goes live, the app will display a notification alert, and you can monitor which deals are live on the Watching tab.

Monitor Prime Day deals from your computer

You can also monitor deals you are watching via the Amazon Assistant browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Here's how to watch a deal with the Amazon Assistant browser extension.

  1. Install the Amazon Assistant extension, which adds a button in your browser toolbar.
  2. When a deal goes live, the button will display an alert showing the number of deals live. Click it to see your watched deal.
  3. Through the browser extension, you can also view other deals you are watching and navigate to the Amazon website to manage your notifications. To be honest, it's probably easier to manage them via the Amazon Shopping app and just use the browser extension to be notified that a deal is live.
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