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Google Maps is taking a cue from Facebook and enabling users to "follow" businesses they frequent.

For now, Android users can follow a business in the Google Maps app by searching for the business and tapping "follow." The option to follow is just under the business' description and above "Overview."

After you follow a place, you'll start getting updates like events, discount offers, and other updates. The alerts will show up the For You tab.

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Now if your favorite bookstore is having a sale or that coffee shop near your house just got a new special, you'll know about it.

If you're looking for new places to check out, Google Maps is adding a feature to show you new businesses opening soon. Maps will start showing profiles of spots coming soon and displaying the opening day in orange text.

If you have a business that's opening soon, you can create a free profile that will show up for people up to three months in advance. Other Maps users can start marking their calendars to get ready for your new location.

The new "follow" option is just one more thing Google Maps has added to improve its app for the past year. Maps has improved traffic features for commuters, and the ability to manage your music in-app.

August's Explore tab made it easier to efficiently find all the places to hang out and eat in your area with just a few taps.

Google Maps also added features for bicyclists and people who drive electric cars.

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  1. Google Maps is rolling out the option to follow a business in the app, like Facebook. Following a business gives you updates, events, discounts, and more.
  2. You can also see profiles of places that are opening soon. Business owners can create a free profile and advertise three months in advance of opening.

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