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We've all been there.

"What do you want to eat?" One person says.

"I don't know, what do you want to eat?" The other replies.

The questions continue like a game of Pong until they both are starving. The development of food apps has saved dinner dates everywhere, but somehow it's still difficult to figure out where the best place is to grab a bite.

Google Maps has stepped up its game in 2018 with the Explore feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you find the best places to eat and drink no matter where you are in the world.

The features in Explore have been expanding recently on both the iOS and Android apps. One of the most interesting features is the percentage match icon to predict how likely you are to enjoy nearby restaurants, based on past searches and places you've frequented.

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The Explore tab is also based on tastemaker choices, local expert info, Google algorithms, and trusted publishers like The Infatuation. And, the app compiles the Foodies List to show users what's trending where they are.

It can even keep track of your progress at restaurants. For example, if you're looking to try all the steakhouses in a certain area, the app will let you know how many you have left.

People joke about marrying food, but the app definitely wants users to find their perfect food match. Tapping a location will numerically score the venue and give users reasons why they might like it.

"Our new 'match' feature will help you find your one true love. And by love, we mean your next favorite cheeseburger. Tap on a food or drink spot to see how likely you are to enjoy it based on your unique preferences--so you can spend more time eating and less time searching for places to go," Google said.

Google gathers information about the business, user preferences, and if they've previously rated it or put it on a list. Don't worry if you decide to go vegan, paleo, or gluten-free, the features adapt to evolving tastes.

The only thing worse than finding a place to eat, is getting all your friends there at the same time. Venues that look interesting can be added to a shortlist and shared with a group of your friends to vote on. After a consensus is reached, reservations and rides can now be organized in the app as well. Restaurant wait times are also available.

Google Maps' new features can also keep you up to date on the latest developments at your favorite venues. The app now lets you follow neighborhoods, restaurants, or bars to get alerts.

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  1. Google Maps is rolling out a new feature that attempts to match users with the perfect restaurant.
  2. The feature adapts to evolving tastes, helps organize friend groups, and keeps users up to date on the newest food and venue info.

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