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With every OS update, we seem to get more and more emojis. You can pick from your basic smiley face, ghosts, cat faces, a ton of food, some natural disasters, modes of transportation, and dozens of international flags.

There are 2,700 emojis logged in the Unicode Consortium, the organization that keeps track of the standard emojis used on apps and platforms. But what if you're having that one particular conversation that requires a really specific emoji that just isn't part of the collection?

If your need for a specific emoji is great--and you've got some free time--you can actually submit a proposal to the consortium for request a specific pictograph. This approach can take about two years. (There's an entire emoji subcommittee.)

Business have taken this route to getting certain emojis created. For example, the wine emoji was always red wine, until winemaker Kendall-Jackson launched a campaign proposal to add a white wine emoji.

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But if the formal proposal option seems intimidating, there's a much easier way for the average user to create the perfect tiny cartoon. You have your pick of apps on iOS and Android that can help you make your own emoji. Just keep in mind to read the reviews and see what permissions the app will get, especially if it's a third-party emoji keyboard.

Bitmoji (iOS, Android, Windows10)

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Users can make themselves into an emoji for the ultimate customized avatar. You can sign up in the app with your Snapchat or email account. Despite the capability to turn yourself into a cartoon--usable across almost all social media--users still ask for more diversity in the features.

Though the app itself is free, it offers in-app purchases if you want to get certain looks for your emoji-self. Bitmoji isn't your only app options for this feature. Another app, Emoji Me Facemaker (iOS), also allows you to make a detailed cartoon of yourself. There are also in-app purchases there.

Emoji Maker (Android)

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The Emoji Maker's goal is to let you make emojis as quick as possible. Think, building a Mr. Potato-Head. The app got its inspiration from the Bitmoji app.

While the ratings in the Google Play Store are mostly good, one user asked for greater diversity in skintones--a common theme across multiple .

Emoji Maker (the other one) (Android)

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This app, also called the Emoji Maker, works similarly to Snapchat with a touch of what Adobe Illustrator can do (see below). The app lets you add a keyboard to your phone for quick access and sharing capabilities.

There are dozens of face shapes and colors to choose from when building your emoji. If you're not feeling so creative, you can pick from a list of premade emojis. Emojis made in the app can be exported, and emojis you've made in other apps can be imported to this one.

The emojis can be added to photos like stickers while in the app and shared.

Emotify Me: Emoji Maker From Your Face (Android)

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What could make an emoji more accurate or personalized than using your own face? Emotify Me goes beyond making your avatar likeness and uses your actual photo to create an emoji character. The creative options are almost endless with the various categories in the app.

The Emotify Me app includes a photo editor, face-in-hole feature, make yourself an emoji or make your own emoji, and stickers and other emojis for texting.

Make an emoji through Slack

If you're a Slack user, the popular collaboration app lets let create custom emoji to use in chats. While workers often like Slack for the fact that

  1. Click your workspace name in the upper left corner.
  2. Select Customize Slack in the menu.
  3. Click the Emoji tab.
  4. Choose a name, it'll be what you enter to find and display the emoji in Slack.
  5. Click Choose File.
  6. Select Save New Emoji.

All custom emojis can be found by clicking the "#" Slack icon in the emoji picker. Deleting a custom emoji can be done by going through the same steps as creating one, but instead of saving the emoji, select "Remove Emoji."

Memoji in iOS 12

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If you are an iPhone user, this fall's iOS 12 update will let you create a memoji, an animated emoji. The memoji are similar to the bitmoji in that your avatar bears a likeness to you. Memojis might be a little more attractive to users because it doesn't involve downloading a third party app.

BONUS: Make emojis in Adobe Illustrator

If you're extra ambitious (but not send-a-proposal-to-Unicode ambitious) and artistically inclined, you might be interested in making emojis on Adobe Illustrator. The program is laid out similar to Photoshop (Windows) and InDesign (Windows), so creatives familiar with those apps might pick up on it quicker.

Illustrator lets users make emojis by merging basic shapes, mixing colors, dding drop shadows or an inner glow to make unique cartoons for social media. Illustrator also has effects to let you reshape and experiment with your creation. With the "preview" option, you see what any live effects might look like.

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