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The Voice Memos app is where you go to record an important educational lecture, work meeting or even your own ideas, when you don't feel like taking notes or want to keep a better record.

Journalists commonly use the Voice Memos app to record interviews and singers and musicians use it to record spur-of-the-moment lyrics and tunes when inspiration strikes.

To record a voice memo, just open the app and tap the red record button. You can, of course, also edit, duplicate, share and delete your voice memos. Tap the three-dot menu button under the recording to edit, duplicate and share your recording. The trashcan button, of course, is what you press to delete a recording.

Apple lets you use the Voice Memos app from any of your devices, including your iPhone, iPad and even your Mac, so you can start listening on one and then continue on another. The easiest way to do this is to have your voice memos saved to iCloud. Then, not only are they saved in an additional place in case anything happens to your device(s), but also they'll be accessible from all your Mac and iOS devices if you're signed in from the same Apple ID.

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To ensure that your voice memos do get saved -- since Apple does not do this automatically -- you'll have to make some modifications in settings on your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

To do this on your desktop, go to the Apple menu, then System Preferences and then click iCloud. Next to iCloud Drive, click Options and then select Voice Memos. If you're on your iOS device, head to Settings, then [your name], and then iCloud and then turn on Voice Memos.

If you're not an iCloud person or don't want to fill your cloud storage up beyond the 5GB of free space and have to pay for more storage, then you can always share your voice memos from your phone or tablet to Dropbox (download for iOS and Android) or Google Drive (download for iOS and Android) by hitting the share button.

You can also use the AirDrop feature to send your voice memos from device to device. From your iPhone or iPad, tap the share button and then select AirDrop and then once the device you want to share to is discovered, just select it. From your computer, select the file, then the share button, then AirDrop, then the device you want to send it to and then, on your iOS device, set where you want to store it.

Of course, if you're not a fan of the Voice Memos app or need a more robust voice recording app, we recommend Voice Recorder HD (download for iOS), for just $2.99.

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