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Regardless of whether you made a new year's resolution or not, positivity can be a big factor in having a good year or reaching your goals.

Shelby Tinsley, a graduate of Florida A&M, developed the iShallBe app (download for iOS or Android) to give users a daily motivational boost. After you sign up and build a profile, the app will start sending inspirational quotes, videos, music and affirmations once a day.

"iShallBe was created with the strong desire to encourage others to get through all trials and tribulations, and remind you that there will be victory in the end of all troubles," the app's website said. "iShallBe will supply nourishment to both mind and soul."

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The iShallBe platform is like a social media service dedicated to encouraging its users to reach their goals and stay positive. In addition, users can encourage each other with comments and likes.

Some of the goals users set include getting better jobs, passing the LSAT, building a website, and taking breaks from social media or TV.

Users can create goals or statements by tapping the upper left Settings bar. Posts can be public or private with photos and voice messages. In addition, you can add deadlines to your goals to hold yourself accountable.

If you find that you share the same or similar goals with another user, you can message each other to collaborate or encourage each other.

"iShallBe strives to create a platform for everyone to speak nothing but positive things for life's journey into existence," the app's mission statement read.

iShallBe is available in eight countries.

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  1. The iShallBe app gives users a daily motivational boost through inspirational quotes, videos, music and affirmations once a day.
  2. Users can hold each other accountable with likes and comments. When you set a goal, you can add a deadline.

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