My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was about 10 years old. When I was older she told me that she'd decided to fight it and she attributes her attitude as part of the reason she recovered.

It seemed like even before she was in remission she was reaching out to other women with cancer. My mom knew that when faced with a challenge as large as cancer, you needed all the support you could get. If your support network could relate to your situation, it was only for the better.

Dave Feuhrer, a two-time cancer survivor, created the Stupid Cancer app (iOS, Android) with the same goal to battle loneliness and create community.

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"Going through cancer can be a really isolating and terrifying experience. And just being connected to others who can relate can change the whole dynamic of what that's like. And so our platform simply brings people together for others who understand what they are going through," Fuehrer told Spectrum News.

After downloading the app, Stupid Cancer will ask a few questions about your diagnosis and help you match with cancer survivors or patients who are ready to talk to you.

A community of people who can relate to your diagnosis gives you a place to be vulnerable and talk about any challenge you're dealing with -- hair loss, infertility, loss of independence, financial problems, putting a career on hold, how kids are coping, and more. Stupid Cancer gives users a place where they don't have to have a brave face on all the time.

The app also has a section dedicated to caregivers. Sometimes family members might push their needs or feelings aside while a loved one is sick. Family and friends who are taking care of someone with cancer also need support.

"Cancer affects everybody. Not just the person with the diagnosis," Feuhrer told Spectrum News.

If you're unsure of who to talk to first, you can join the live chatroom in the app. It's a safe place to talk and ask questions.

(Credit: Stupid Cancer)

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  1. Dave Feuhrer, a two-time cancer survivor, created the Stupid Cancer app with the goal to battle loneliness and create community among cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers.
  2. After gathering a bit of information about your diagnosis, Stupid Cancer will match you with local users.

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