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After the success of Cigna's "Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies" program, the company is launching a new app. The Cigna Healthy Pregnancy app is designed to help reduce the number of preterm and low birthweight babies by identifying risks earlier.

The app is available for Cigna medical customers and makes it easier to enroll and participate in the pregnancy program.

"There's a lot to keep track of when you're pregnant. The Cigna Healthy Pregnancy app can help make it easier," the app's description said.

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With Cigna's app, expecting moms can read up on health symptoms and what to expect during their pregnancy. The app's Milestone feature offers reminders, suggestions, and facts about fetal development.

The app can track weight gain and how much your baby is kicking. The app also lets you watch videos about the baby's weekly development.

There's a lot to keep up with during pregnancy -- from changes over trimesters to doctor appointments. With the Cigna Healthy Pregnancy app, expecting parents can create a list of things to talk to your doctor about and set reminders for everything else.

The app can still be used after you have the baby with the postpartum milestone tool. You can also keep track of the baby's growth, feeding, and diaper schedules after it's born.

Cigna reminds users that the app is purely educational and shouldn't be used in place of a doctor.

In its testing phase, the app saw mothers at risk for preterm labor carry their babies full-term, or 39 weeks, at a rate of 79 percent.

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  1. Cigna released an app for pregnant women at risk for pre-term labor carry to full-term.
  2. The app works with Cigna's "Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies" program and offers tips, information on development, weight tracking, scheduling, and tools for postpartum.

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