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The convenience of mobile banking let people manage their finances on the go -- from transferring money to paying loans to depositing checks. But the apps still come up short on customer service. And, coming from someone who's worked at a bank before, no one is ever completely satisfied with their experience.

Oregon's Umpqua Bank is launching the Go-To app to ensure the customer is paired with the best bank and all their questions are answered.

Similar to the dating app Tinder, Go-To lets customers choose a bank based on a profile complete with a photo, personal details, and hobbies. Customers can also talk to a Go-To service person if they have more questions.

Operators are trained to answer basic questions about a bank the customer is interested in. They also can connect customers with a specialist, for example mortgages, if it's a harder question.

Go-To offers a secure texting feature and a dashboard for bankers to manage customer conversations.

The Go-To app launches today for Umpqua Bank customers. Umpqua employees have been using it for about two months.

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The app was originally piloted as the BFF app, Best Financial Friend. BFF worked essentially the same as Go-To. It let users conduct almost every transaction via mobile that they would in the bank, except cash.

BFF also offered voice, video, and chat options with a BFF financial expert for quick question answering.

The pilot saw a 15 percent customer relationship growth according to Eva Callahan, executive vice president of Umpqua Bank.

Umpqua ditched the name BFF after noticing their core demographic, 35 to 55 year olds, weren't as drawn to the app as younger customers. The bank added Android capability, more tools, and the ability for small-business owners to use the app.

Cort O'Haver, Umpqua Bank's CEO, hopes to eventually have a whole suite of tools for small businesses in Go-To. The app can help smaller businesses develop their profiles in the same amount of detail and professionalism as larger institutions.

Besides Umpqua, Bank of America is adding more digital options like tablets and video conferencing.

Banks are delving more into what O'Haver calls "human digital banking" to get customers into the physical branches. The banks hope the apps and new technology will encourage new and old customers to stay loyal and invest in more products.

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  1. The Umpqua Bank in Oregon is launching the Go-To app for its customers today. The app works somewhat like the dating app Tinder in how a bank's profile is displayed.
  2. The app is designed to offer better service for bank customers and make sure potential customers can find a bank they'll fit best with.

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