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Mixing up baby formula from powder can be tedious. Especially if it's late, your baby is screaming, and you can't seem to get the bottle temperature right. It's not like you can stock up for the week either. Keeping formula for longer than 48 hours after you've prepared it increases the risk for bacteria.

Historically, making sure the formula is safe for a baby is half guessing, half waiting. After letting the water boil for about a minute, it needs to cool to room temperature. It's common to test the water temperature by putting a few drops on the inside of your wrist. If it stings, it's too hot, and you have to wait longer.

Swedish fathers Micael Törnblom and Peter Loven developed the BabyFormula app (iOS) to cut down on time spent preparing formula for your baby.

Instead of boiling water and playing the waiting game, BabyFormula lets you figure out how much cold water to add to the hot water for the perfect temperature.

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The easiest way to start is by boiling water ahead of time and refrigerate it for the next day. When you need to make a bottle, boil new water.

In BabyFormula, choose whether you want to measure in fahrenheit or celsius. Use a thermometer to take the temperature of the boiled water and the cool water that's already been boiled. Select the volume that the bottle holds, and BabyFormula will tell you how much cold water and how much hot water to add to make the perfect temperature.

Enter all the adjustments with buttons and sliders in the app.

"This app will save time, water and energy, letting people mix that water and achieve the right temperature within seconds," the press release said.

Loven works for the company App4Life, a site that strives to make everyday life easier through apps.

"They are going to be cheap and easy to understand. Apps for you - in your normal everyday life - for different situations and events," App4Life's website said.

The company also released apps to help nervous flyers called Fly4Life and iSafeCharge, that keeps your smartphone protected from theft when charging unattended.

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  1. The BabyFormula app makes feeding time easier for parents by helping get the formula to the perfect temperature faster.
  2. The app tells users how much boiled water and how much cold water to mix together depending on the volume of the bottle.

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