Business cards are so 20th century. But sharing your contact information electronically can be a hassle. Now, a new app aims to ease the process of swapping virtual business cards.

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Available for both iOS and Android, HiHello lets you create your own customized contact cards that you can share with other people. In turn, others can use the app to devise and share their contact cards with you. You need the app to create and share your card, but you don't need it to receive contact information from someone else.

Sure, you can always try to share your contact information from your mobile phone's address book. And certain apps let you scan printed business cards. But those processes are limited. You may not want to share all your contact details with everyone you meet. And having to scan a printed card is a chore. Instead, HiHello is more flexible as you can create different types of business cards and share them in person or through email or text.

"It just doesn't make sense to type your name and phone number for every person you meet, or fumble to find your business card but realize you don't have it the one time you really need it," says the HiHello website. "Simply share your contact by showing a code, texting it, or emailing it. Done."

To use HiHello, download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play. Launch the app to first set up your free account. Create your virtual business card by adding basic info about yourself, including your name, a photo, and phone number. Tweak your card by adding more details and create separate and additional cards for personal life, professional career, and other purposes.

Now, you want to share one of your contact cards with someone else. If you and the other person are together, open the app. Tap your business card. A QR code appears. Have the other person aim his or her mobile phone's camera at the code. On an iPhone, people can use the regular camera to scan a QR code; on an Android phone, you have to open Google Lens. The contact information then appears on the other person's phone as a VCF file. That person can then add it to her or her address book.

To text or email your contact card instead, tap the Message option and type the other person's phone number or tap the Mail option and type his or her email address. Again, the contact information pops up as a VCF file that the person can import into the local address book.

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  1. HiHello is a new app that lets you create and customize different virtual business cards.
  2. You can share your business cards via email or messaging or in person, and the recipient doesn't need the app to receive and import your contact information.

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