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It makes sense that the people who know you best would know what you're looking for in a partner. So a friend's suggestion on a potential match can be a hit -- and hopefully not a catastrophic miss.

Using that logic, Match Group partnered with media brand Betches to create the Ship app (download for iOS). Through Ship, you can find a date for yourself, for your friends or for both.

After you sign up for the app, you can invite your friends to join your Crew. Friends can search for each other's perfect match and discuss potential dates in Ship's messaging feature.

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If you're in a relationship, you'll only be seen by Crews that you join. No profile needed. After you join your friend's Crew, you can start browsing matches in Discover. If you find someone they might like, send a like on their behalf.

If you're single and create a profile, it will include some photos and a bit about you. Next, you'll need to assemble your Crew. Ship's goal is about making dating a fun, positive social experience with your friends, its website said.

"Obviously, you're a part of your own Crew, but the fun begins when you invite your friends to join your Crew," Ship said. "Every member of your Crew can send a like to a profile that meets your search settings. If that profile also sends a like back, it's a match!"

For now, you can't override likes that your Crew sends you.

"[We] really believe that your crew has your back," Ship said. "Give their picks a chance, and you can always unmatch with profiles that don't interest you."

You can unmatch with someone from the Matches page, but once you do so, you can't undo it.

To adjust which single Ship members you see in Discover, you can adjust your search Settings in the Profile tab.

When your Crew likes or passes on a profile (similar to swiping on Tinder) or creates a match, you'll see it in the activity feed. Ship's default settings let your Crew see when you rate a profile, create a match or start a conversation with a match. You can edit this in Crew Settings. Ship said your Crew can't read private conversations, though.

Ship is free to download and the developers are working on Android support.

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  1. The Ship app lets your friends join your Crew and search through possible matches for you in Discover.
  2. If you're in a relationship, you can use Ship to help a friend find a date. Simply search through matches and send a like on your single friend's behalf. If the like is returned, it's a match.

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