Here's the deal:

You (the beloved Download user, the reason we're here) are out there somewhere, while I (Greg Penhaligon, product manager of Download) am way up here, sequestered in the crystalline fortress that makes up the Download Control Center. My job is to make Download into the best site of it's kind for you, but what is that exactly? What do you want? I converse with some of you in the forums, read your occasionally expletive-laden emails to customer service, but we've never had a proper way to keep you up-to-date with what we're doing, or to hear what you think about it.

Enter the Download Product Blog. Now I can make announcements regarding new features and changes to existing ones, and most importantly solicit your feedback regarding those changes.

My next post will be on Wednesday the 27th, when I'll have a pretty big announcement to make. See you then!