You subscribe to Netflix to watch unlimited movies and Spotify to listen to unlimited songs. Why not subscribe to a mobile games service to play unlimited games? That's the question Hatch is asking gamers in Europe as it rolls out Hatch, a cloud-gaming service that is currently in beta testing and gives users access to more than 100 mobile games.

The Hatch streaming service is available in 18 European countries, including Finland, France, and Germany, with the United Kingdom this month. But it isn't available yet in the U.S. "Our full focus is currently on perfecting the Hatch user experience and offering with the soft launch in Europe," said Vesa Jutila, cofounder of Hatch. "As soon as we feel ready to launch Hatch commercially in Europe, North America will be high on our priority list."

Hatch Google Play Adventure game

Hatch is available just on Android during its beta testing. But the company said it plans to support other platforms. To play, you download the Hatch app from the Google Play Store; the games are streamed from Hatch's servers. Hatch has more than 100 games available, including Leo's Adventure, Badland, Crashland, Evoland, Angry Birds, and Monument Valley. While in beta, the service is free, with ads shown in the Hatch app but not in-game. When the service leaves beta, the company said, a paid subscription option will remove ads.

The service also has a social component, letting you invite a friend into a gaming session and communicate via voice and text chat.

You can sign up on the Hatch website for news about when the service comes to your region.