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For kids, Halloween is probably the best day of the year after Christmas and their birthday. Getting to dress up, fill up a sack of free candy, and watching scary movies is tops.

The spookiest day of the year can be a bit more stressful for parents. Getting costumes together, checking movie ratings, warning about the nightmares said movies will cause, and walking the neighborhoods as your child races from house to house can make any parent nervous.

Most kids that trick-or-treat are usually accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you're planning to let your older kids roam the neighborhood unaccompanied, check out some of these apps and tips to keep them safe.

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1. Google's Family Link

Google's Family Link (iOS, Android) is a great app for families to use to monitor their kids' screen time.

The app's location feature can be used to keep an eye on your child.

2. Life360

Life260 (iOS, Android) is another helpful app to keep track of your child on Halloween. Parents can easily check the GPS location of their child at a glance.

If your older kids plan on driving to a party or see friends, the app provides Drive Details. The feature shows route information and whether the driver isn't focusing on the road.

The app has a messaging feature in case you need to get ahold of your kid, or they need to reach you, fast.

3. Real-time ETA sharing via Google Maps

Location sharing in Google Maps (iOS, Android) is easy to use on any device, especially if you don't want to download another app.

To turn the feature on, open Google Maps and tap the hamburger in the top left corner. Tap "Location Sharing" and select the contact you want to share your location. The contact will get an alert and accept or deny.

After location sharing is turned on, you'll be able to see the movements of the contact (and they'll be able to see yours) until you turn it off. The feature also helps if your child plans to drive on Halloween.

Other Halloween safety tips

  1. Plan your Halloween route. Know the roads your children intend to take ahead of time.
  2. Set a curfew. Trick-or-treating only lasts for so long but set a designated time you expect your kids to back at home.
  3. Remind your kids to only visit homes with porch lights on, take the treats at the door, and never go inside the house.
  4. Don't walk in the streets, and stay on the sidewalks.
  5. Giving your kids a small flashlight can help them see and be seen.
  6. Make sure to check the candy before your kids eat it.

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