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The advent of smartphones has changed the way kids spend their free time. Instead of asking for 10 more minutes outside, they might ask for more time on their favorite mobile game.

To make sure your child doesn't go from sitting all day at school to sitting the rest of the night at home, parents can try the Goya-Move app (download for iOS or Android).

With Goya-Move -- which is short for "Get Off Your Apps" -- parents can lock certain apps on a child's phone until a step goal is reached. The app promotes digital wellness and participation in physical activity for both kids and adults.

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Parents can set the number of steps for a child to complete in a day, how many hours in a day the child should complete the steps and which apps to block if the goals aren't met, according to a press release. Parents can tap Child Progress on the app dashboard to see an overview.

"We believe in a reward-based system at Goya-Move," Keri Mackey, co-founder and marketing director at Goya-Move, said. "Rewarding kids with screen time allows for a better mindset toward being active. With this revolutionary app, parents can end the stigma around exercise and get kids moving again."

The app lets kids monitor their progress on their own device, much like one would with a Fitbit. Even if your child is at soccer practice and doesn't have their device, you can still count that time in the app by tapping Add Steps.

For parents, Goya-Move makes customization easy as flipping a toggle. The app connects to your child's device and can tell you the apps they've downloaded. For example, parents can block Facebook but keep the internet on so the kids can complete homework.

Parents can also set "blackout times" for their kid's devices with Goya-Move. During these times -- which you might set for dinner, studying or sleep -- the apps you select will be blocked no matter how many steps your child takes.

The company keeps an eye on trends and continuously update their catalog of blockable apps. It's important to note that Goya-Move won't allow parents to block calling or texting on a child's phone in case of emergency.

Of course, being kids, it's possible that a child might find a way to fake the steps. Parents should be on the lookout for kids who might try to cut corners.

The app has a 5-day free trial. After that prices range from $2 per month for one child, $3 per month for two children, $4 per month for three children and $5 per month for four or more children.

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  1. The Goya-Move app lets parents block certain apps on their child's phone until the child meets a daily step count.
  2. Parents can set "blackout times" for their kid's devices for dinner, studying or sleep. The apps you select will be blocked no matter how many steps your child takes.

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