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For the manufacturers of high-tech devices like the iPhone, Oculus Rift or PlayStation game console, related services are becoming as lucrative as the gadgets themselves. Apple recently racked up over $10 billion in revenue for its services division, largely because it takes a 30 percent cut of in-app purchases on the App Store and 15 percent cut of subscription fees for things like Netflix or Spotify.

If you can attach a subscription fee to a physical product, this can give your company a much steadier flow of income, instead of it spiking around the release of a product and quickly declining until the next version comes out. And steadier income facilitates longer-term planning. So it's no surprise that GoPro offers a cloud storage service for your videos, priced at $5 a month.

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But according to The Verge, the GoPro Plus service is about to go one important step further: unlimited storage, but still $5 a month, and your video files are kept at their original quality. Previously, GoPro Plus accommodated up to 35 hours of video, which was estimated to take up 250 gigabytes of space. The company is also increasing accessory discounts from 20 to 50 percent for GoPro Plus subscribers.

The company says that additional GoPro Plus subscriber perks are on the way, but they are not ready to be announced yet.

For reference, Google and iCloud charge $3 a month for 200GB of storage, and $10 per month for 2TB. Neither offers a $5 per month tier. However, GoPro Plus storage can only be used for videos and images that originate from a GoPro camera.

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There's also backup services like BackBlaze (download for iOS or Android), but these are optimized more for archival redundancy, rather than cloud-based media management.

Although unlimited cloud storage sounds like it would be more expensive for GoPro to provide, it says that it can scale to the higher demand without exposing itself to financial risk. It also says that more uploads and customers will help it figure out how to hone the service's content navigation tools.


  • GoPro is upgrading its "GoPro Plus" cloud storage service to allow unlimited storage of videos uploaded from GoPro cameras, in their original quality. The service will still cost $5 a month.
  • The company says that this upgrade will not meaningfully increase its costs, and more usage of the service will help it hone its customers' content navigation tools.

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