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Looking for a way to combat smartphone addiction? Those of you who own an Android One phone will be able to use Google's Digital Wellbeing tool to do just that.

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Launched with Android Pie 9.0 in August, Digital Wellbeing was created to help you monitor and set limits on the apps you use and how much you use them. Until now, Digital Wellbeing has been available just for Google's Pixel phones. Now, the tool is expanding its reach to phones that run Android One.

The Google Play page for the beta release of Digital Wellbeing says that it's available for Pixel and Android One devices running Android 9.0. But it's not yet ready for all Android One phones. For now, the tool is in beta preview mode for the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 Plus devices, according to a tweet from Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer for HMD Global, the company that makes Nokia phones.

So many of us are glued to our smartphones so much of the time. And even though we realize that's not healthy, it can be difficult to just put the things down. With the latest versions of their respective operating systems, both Apple and Google have introduced tools that can track our use of apps and help us set limits on which ones we use and how often we use them.

The growth of Digital Wellbeing has been slow, restricted just to Google's own Pixel phones. And Digital Wellbeing requires Android Pie, a factor that has also limited its reach. But the expansion to Android One paves the way for a wider audience.

Android One is a pure version of Android without the often unnecessary bells and whistles added by phone makers and mobile carriers. Beyond the Nokia 7 Plus and 6 Plus models, Android One is found on the Nokia 7.1, Motorola One, Motorola One Power, Android One Moto X 4, and several other models and devices from around the world.

After the Nokia Plus models, which phones will be next in line to get Android Pie and Digital Wellbeing? No specific details are yet available. But Nokia's Juho Sarvikas promised a slice of Android Pie to other Nokia devices, including the Nokia 6.1. Beyond the Nokia phones, all Android One devices will get Digital Wellbeing when they upgrade to Android 9 Pie. So it's up to each manufacturer to decide and plan the timing for their Android Pie rollouts.

Those of you who have a qualifying phone can sign up for the Digital Wellbeing beta at Google's Testing Program page. From there, head over to the app's page at Google Play where you can download it and take it for a spin.

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  1. Google's Digital Wellbeing tool is expanding to Android One phones, starting with the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 Plus.
  2. Android One is found on a number of smartphones, so the new support will expand the audience for Digital Wellbeing.

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