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The Files by Google app is a helpful tool for viewing, managing, and working with the files on your Android phone or tablet. Now, the app is even more helpful thanks to its new ability to handle USB drives.

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Available in Google Play, the new version of the Files by Google file manager app adds a feature known as USB On-The-Go. With USB OTG, you can access and manage photos, videos, documents, and other files stored on a flash drive or other connected USB storage. You can open, delete, copy, move, rename, and share such files just as easily as if they were housed on your device's internal storage.

Android already comes with its own built-in file manager through which you can view images, downloads, and other files. But Files by Google goes further by helping you share and back up your files as well as suggesting ways to free up storage space.

With USB OTG, you can browse your external USB drive to view and search for specific files. Select a specific file or files, and you can then delete, rename, share, move, or copy the file. In some cases, the app offers a command to directly copy or move the file to your internal storage. And if you browse or search for a specific category of files -- such as downloads, images, or videos -- Files by Google will show you those files on both your internal and external storage.

Beyond the new support for USB drives, Files by Google can now display the full folder structure of your Android device. Google has also thrown in a few bug fixes for good measure.

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  1. Files by Google now supports external USB drives.
  2. Using the app's new USB On-The-Go feature, you can delete, rename, share, copy, and move files on flash drives and other external USB media.

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