Google is rolling out a new collection of templates for its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps to give you a running start on creating good-looking documents. The premade forms range from report and invoice templates to photo-album galleries and offer a clean, modern look. Access the new template gallery from within each app by choosing File, New, From Template.

The 30-plus Docs templates include ones for creating resumes, lesson plans, and school reports.


Sheets offers 15 templates for wedding planning, keeping a time sheet, and budgeting, for example.


Slides comes with nearly 20 presentation templates, including ones for photo albums, case studies, and a science projects. Along with new templates, Slides has 18 new themes for tailoring the look of a presentation.


Templates for the Drive apps are not new. The Google template gallery offered ones created by Google and third-party users, but the quality was mixed, and finding a style that matched your content could be challenging. Currently, you can't add your own custom templates to the new gallery.

Along with the new templates, Google made a handful of other changes to its Drive apps. The Forms app gains new themes and now lets you add your own image to a form. And Sheets has a new Explore button that will automatically generate charts and analysis based on data in your spreadsheet.

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