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When YouTube Music relaunched in 2018, there was some confusion in the market, since Google's already had a preexisting streaming platform in Play Music. In theory, the new YouTube Music is an upgrade because, among other things, it integrates YouTube's staggeringly enormous video library into what's ordinarily an audio-oriented experience.

However, part of the company's transition to YouTube Music (download for iOS or Android) has meant less emphasis on keeping Play Music up-to-date, and that now appears to be producing an odd problem that's cropped up today: Play Music (download for iOS or Android) sometimes doesn't cast music that was released in 2019.

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(Casting is an app function that can let you redirect a video or music stream from your phone to a compatible nearby device like a smart TV or Bluetooth speaker.)

Android Authority was the first to spot this odd glitch, and it reports that the bug has some unexpected nuances: If your casting device is playing music from 2018 or earlier, it will stop when your playlist reaches a song released in 2019. However, if you begin the stream of a 2019 song on your phone and then cast it to another device, the track will play as expected.

Other streaming apps they tested did not produce this error, so it appears to be specific to Google Play Music. We contacted a representative for more details on the issue, but we did not immediately receive a response.

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If you're somehow in a situation where you need reliable casting right now, Google Play Music's competitors all offer free trials that will do in a pinch; Spotify (download for iOS or Android), Pandora (download for iOS or Android) and Tidal (download for iOS or Android) are all pretty solid drop-in replacements for Google Play Music. Apple Music (download for Android) is also very good, but it doesn't have as many casting options as the rest of the competition.

With the intense competition in the streaming music industry, mistakes can be expensive and difficult to recover from. Hopefully, Google Play Music's casting problem is just a temporary glitch.


  • Android Authority spotted a Google Play Music bug today that prevents devices from being fully used for media casting. If your playlist contains a song that was released in 2019, the song will not play.
  • However, if you begin streaming on your phone and then cast to a compatible device, Google Play Music will work as it should.

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