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In the wake of the new Pixel 3 launch, Google updated its Photo app for optimal sharing between devices. In a blog post, Google said that historically sharing photos has been a somewhat tedious process.

"Every time, we have to find the photos, select the ones we want to share and send them to the right people. And that's if we even remember to share them at all," Dave Loxton, Google Photos Product Manager said.

Google is now rolling out Live Albums on Android and iOS. Live Albums organizes your photos and makes sharing them with family or friends a faster process.

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The option to create a Live Album might not be on your device yet, but here's how you can create one:

  1. Open the Google Photos app
  2. Tap New Album
  3. Tap Automatically add photos of people and pets
  4. Choose the faces of which people or pets you'd like to add to a Live Album
  5. Tap Turn On
  6. Review album
  7. Tap share icon to send the album to friends and family

You'll be notified of every new photo that Google adds to your Live Album. You can turn it off as well.

Google Photo's organization layout makes it even easier to find photos to put in your Live Album. The app organizes your photos automatically, but if you tap Albums, the app has broken them down even more.

Your photos are sorted into albums like People & Pets, Places, and Things. Tapping People & Places shows the faces of almost everyone in all your photos. Tapping a particular person's (or pet's) image sorts all the images with that person or pet by date. You can name the image so you can search it in the app for even faster results.

Once you find the desired image, you can also take advantage of the Google Photo app's new editing features.

Like the new iPhones, with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, you can adjust depth in portrait photos. You can also add the Color Pop filter, which turns the background black and white while leaving the subject in color.

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  1. Google announced it's rolling out Live Albums to its Android and iOS app, and bringing new editing features as well.
  2. Live Albums will make it easier to organize and share photos with family and friends.

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