We love nothing better than using universal search to scour the content of a smartphone to find our sought-after keyword. Unless, of course, it's using the latest update to Google Mobile App for BlackBerry to pick through your Gmail items and contacts and Google Docs at the same time.

The new feature integrates seamlessly with the app so you won't need to make any changes to how you search.

After logging into your account the first time, a voice or text prompt in Google Mobile App will turn up results stored on your smartphone or on Google's servers. You'll see the findings and their origins clearly listed in the app. For instance, it will specify whether the source is an e-mail, the subject of a Google Doc, a contact, or an item stored on your BlackBerry.

On a security note, Google uses a secure https connection to transfer data. It also encrypts account details and never permanently stores your password, Google said in a blog post. You can download the free app by visiting m.google.com from your BlackBerry browser.

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