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In Google Maps (download for iOS or Android) version 10.10, the latest beta, the app appears to allow users more control over their privacy. The navigation app is working on an option that would enable automatic deletion of your location history, 9to5 Google first reported.

The Automatically Delete Location History feature would be added to the menu that users can already visit to delete their history in Maps.

It's unclear how the feature will work specifically, but the code suggests that you'll be able to continuously delete the Location History associated with an account, or pick and choose how much of the history you want to keep.

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Google Maps currently has an option to delete your Location History and customize Location History ranges. However, users have to return to Settings often to keep erasing the information, since the log restarts every time you travel. The new feature being tested would be one less thing for users to worry about.

Until Google implements the new feature, this is how you can delete Google's log of your movements:

  1. Open Google Maps app
  2. Go to Your Timeline
  3. Tap the upper right-hand corner for Settings
  4. Tap Settings again
  5. Tap Delete All Location History to wipe the log associated with your email account

You can also totally shut off or pause Location History:

  1. Open your desktop or mobile browser to to get to Google Maps Timeline
  2. Find and click on "Manage Location History"
  3. Switch the toggle on Location History to "off"

A user's location data is valuable information for companies to obtain. Many times during data breaches, apps are found to be selling that data to third-parties for a profit. It's important that Google is taking steps to ensure its users' privacy and security.

Maps is also testing Personal Events in version 10.10. When turned on, the feature shows personalized features like map annotations and trip suggestions based on your Google Calendar and reservations in Gmail.

The version 10.10 might also let users better preview their trips as well with a feature called Navigation Legs.

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  1. Google Maps is testing a new feature that would automatically delete a user's Location History.
  2. The navigation app has a way to delete Google's location log, but it's not permanent.

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