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At any given moment, Google Maps has a countless number of users finding where they're going through the app's navigation system. Maps has even gained Apple CarPlay support for iPhone users recently.

The app has now extended its real-time ETA feature to iOS users. Android users have been able to share their location and arrival time since last year. Here's how to do it on your iPhone:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Start navigating a destination
  3. Tap the "^" button
  4. Tap "Share Trip Progress"
  5. Select the contact you want to share your ETA with
  6. Tap "Share"
  7. Tap "Stop Sharing" to end

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Google Maps will display a notification telling you it will stop sharing when you arrive.

The new update shares your live location, route, and what time you'll arrive with your selected contact. You can also share across third-party platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp.

ETA-sharing will work for walking and cycling on Android and iOS now too.

The new feature expands on iOS ability to share locations by dropping a pin. Previously iPhone users could share locations by opening Maps, tapping the blue circle and tapping "Share My Location."

The location could also be shared via text or you could create a pin to share with someone.

Google's new feature might also help to stop people from texting you on the road if they know your location.

The feature can also be used for safety purposes. Sharing your ETA can help if you run out of gas, incur vehicle trouble or a similar emergency, or get lost.

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  1. Google Maps has launched real-time location sharing for iOS users.
  2. The update lets iOS users share their live location, route taken, and estimated arrival time with chosen contacts.

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