If you visit maps.google.com in your Android or iOS browser right now, you might notice something's different. That's because today Google went live with its latest Maps update, which offers a significantly more feature-rich browser experience than before. In fact, once you opt in to share your location, the site feels very much like an app or like the desktop version. It feels familiar. And therein lies the reason for the update: a much more consistent Google Maps experience across platforms. No matter how you access Google's incredible database of geographical information, the company wants it to be consistently easy to find what you're looking for. And this update certainly helps.

Now, if you're signed in, you can access My Maps and starred locations, just like in the desktop version. As with the mobile app, you can view satellite, transit, traffic, bicycling, and other layers. Also, the map now displays clickable icons of popular businesses and transit stations, which makes searching nearby much easier. Overall, it's a significantly more immersive experience that draws from both its mobile app and desktop browser counterparts. Read the official release on the Google Mobile Blog for all of the updated features.