BlackBerry-carrying cyclists seeking direction for their two-wheelers are now privy to the same directions database introduced three weeks ago for Android smartphones.

In addition to requesting biking directions, you can also activate the Bicycling layer in maps to check out cycler-centric trails.

As with the Android version, the cycler-friendly Google Maps for BlackBerry 4.2 update only applies to handsets in the U.S.

In addition to devising safe bike routes, the map app update also refreshes the search results list, adding images and place ratings, in addition to some welcome quick-link buttons that you can tap to get directions or place a call. You'll also be able to e-mail or text details about a place or map location to friends.

Navigate to to download Google Maps for BlackBerry 4.2. Google notes in a blog post that it's worked out the permissions kinks some users discovered with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server installation on a handful of version 5.0 smartphones.

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