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Google is sprucing up its Gmail app so you'll be able to do a lot more just by right-clicking a message.

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Currently rolling out to Gmail and G Suite users, an update to Gmail is expanding the menu you see when you right-click your mouse. Currently, the menu is sparse, offering just a few commands such as Archive and Delete. With the new update, the menu options will blossom to let you reply to, forward, move and add a label to your selected message, among other actions.

Gmail already offers a host of commands and actions you can run on a message. But to access most of those commands, you have to first open the message and then hunt around for the command you want to run. The new right-click menu options will give you the ability to manage a message from its folder without having to open it or look for the command you want to run.

Google revealed the full array of new commands in a blog post announcing the update. Right-click a message and you can reply, reply to all, or forward it. You can archive it, delete it, mark it as read or snooze it. You can also move it to another folder, tag it with a label and mute it. And you can search your inbox for other messages from the same person or with the same subject.

Based on your specific release schedule, you may need to wait awhile before the new menu arrives. For users of Gmail and G Suite on a rapid release schedule, the rollout started on February 11 and will take a full 15 days to hit everyone. For users on a scheduled release, the update will kick off on February 22 and will take one to three days to reach its entire audience.

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  1. Google is sprucing up the right-click menu in Gmail to offer more commands and options.
  2. With the new right-click menu, you'll be able to run a variety of commands on a message without having to open it.

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