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Google announced today that users of its search engine in the United Kingdom now have access to the Google for Jobs cards that pop up when the engine detects that you're looking for work. The company said that 75 percent of UK employers have trouble finding the right candidates or sometimes any candidate at all, and Google committed in November to helping 100,000 Brits get hired or advance in their careers by 2020.

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Rather than being its own app or website, Google for Jobs gets triggered when you use certain terms and phrases in a Google search. If you live in a country where Google for Jobs is active, searching for writer jobs will produce a large "card," which is basically an embedded box containing specialized info. (If you're just looking for work, then "jobs near me" will also do in a pinch.)

In this case, our writer jobs search will detect where we are (San Francisco), pull regional listings from a number of job websites, and provide buttons to click that let us get more specific. The buttons are also dynamic. Ours had labels like "Past 3 days, "Full-time," "Computer & IT," and you can tap the arrow to the right of the buttons to see more filtering options.

In the listings below the labels, there's a bookmark icon to the right of each one. This will save a shortcut to the listing, which is now linked to your Google account. So when you log into your account on a different device later, you can still view your saved jobs.

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When you click a listing, there's also more than just the job description. If you scroll down to the bottom, you may also see salary estimates from third parties like CareerBuilder or PayScale, a link that sends you to more listings for that employer, and a link to search for info about the company.

Google for Jobs is also integrated with Google Maps, so it can even estimate your commute time. And last but not least, there's a slider at the bottom of the search results that you can click on to get periodic batches of new matching listings in your email box.

The company announced this service at its Google I/O conference in May 2017, launching it in the United States about a month later. Google has not been too specific about how often Google for Jobs had been leading to a successful hire, but the company did say that "[W]e've seen 130 percent more companies showing jobs in Search and connected tens of millions of people around the world to new job opportunities."

The takeaways

  1. Google for Jobs is a specialized search engine result that collects relevant listings from third-party job sites into an embedded card with filtering options and bookmarking.
  2. After a successful launch in the US last summer, Google for Jobs launched today in the United Kingdom, where the company previously committed to helping 100,000 Brits find a job or advance in their career.

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