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Google Fit's (Android) newest updates have arrived just in time for the holidays. With the app's improved activity logging and streamlined usage, you can start healthy habits ahead of the New Year's resolution trend.

Google launched a Fit widget that you can pin to your device home screen. You can check your progress quicker since the widget displays Heart Points, Move Minutes, daily calories, how many steps you've taken, and other stats.

Users can better log daily activities and workouts. In the app journal, you can adjust the intensity of your exercise and get awarded more Heart Points. In addition, Google Fit also displays your last workout on the app's home screen.

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Another new aspect that might be particularly helpful during the holidays is a new breathing exercise. The feature is useful whether you need a quick moment to meditate, help cooling down from a workout, or you're trying to wind down for bedtime.

The only downside is that the breathing exercises are only available on Wear OS for now.

"We'll be rolling out these updates on your Android phone or Wear OS by Google watch this week," Google said in a blog post.

Google Fit's new features follow the app's redesign earlier this year. The makeover added Move Minutes and Heart Points. Instead of just getting points for being "active," users could earn points for actually elevating their heart rate.

Users earn one point for every minute of moderate activity and double points for more intense workouts.

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  1. Google updated its Fit app to better track activities, see progress, and include a breathing exercise.
  2. The breathing exercise is only available for Wear OS currently, but the new updates build on the year's earlier addition of Heart Points and Move Minutes. Users can now adjust the intensity of their workout.

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