Google and WhatsApp have struck a deal that will allow Android users to store their WhatsApp backups on Google Drive without counting toward the storage cap. The new storage policy will take effect November 12. Previously, WhatsApp users could use Google Drive to backup messages, but the backup counted toward Google Drive's storage limit.

In a blog post, WhatsApp said users will have to manually update old backups or they will be automatically deleted from your Google Drive storage account by November 12.

"You can back up your chats and media to Google Drive, so if you change Android phones or get a new one, your chats and media are transferable," WhatsApp wrote, recommending users update their backups over Wi-Fi, as the files may be large and chew up data plans.

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WhatsApp allows users to share old messages and other media between phones via backups on cloud platforms. For Apple users, messages back up to the iCloud, and for Android users it goes to your Google Drive account.

The blog post on the change gives detailed instructions to Android users so they can make the appropriate updates to their settings. To use Google Drive for the backup, Android users need to have a Google account and Google Play on their smartphones.

Google sent an email to the reporters at xda-developers detailing the changes and warning users to update their backups as soon as possible ahead of the coming deadline.

"Due to a new agreement between WhatsApp and Google, WhatsApp backups will no longer count against Google Drive Storage quota," they wrote.

"This policy will come into effect for all users on 12 November 2018, although some users may see the quota benefits earlier. To avoid the loss of any backups, we recommend that people manually backup WhatsApp before 12 November 2018."

WhatsApp's 1.5 billion active users send more than 60 billion messages a day across the world, and for those who want to keep some of their most cherished messages from family and friends, cloud storage space can run short. Many users have backups that can grow to more than 2GB, meaning the move will save many users tons of future Google Drive space.

Google has been eager to popularize its storage features as it expands many of its services to users worldwide. They offer 15GB for free with any Google account.

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  1. WhatsApp users will no longer have their message backups count against their Google Drive storage space.
  2. The changes will go into effect on November 12, and users must upload their backups to their Google Drive account before then or they will be lost forever.

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