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You're due to catch a flight today but you're wondering if it will be on time. Sure, you can keep calling the airline or looking up the flight yourself, or you can let Google Assistant break the news to you.

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Rolling out to Google Assistant over the next few weeks is a new delayed flight notification, as described in a blog post from the search giant. If Google's AI is at least 85 percent confident the flight will eventually be delayed, you'll receive an alert proactively. And if Google knows the reason for the delay, you'll see that bit of news as well.

Since the start of 2018, Google Assistant has been able to share information on flight delays. But that ability requires you to actively ask if a certain flight has been delayed. That can be a hassle as it means you need to keep repeating the same question as your flight departure gets closer. With the new feature, Google Assistant will tap you if and when it's aware of any flight delays. And by teaming up flight status information with machine learning, Google can often predict a flight delay before the airline even announces it.

With the holiday season in bloom, Google is aiming to assist travelers in other ways. When you're trying to find the best flights and prices, Google can tell you if carry-on bags and other items are included in the cost of the ticket. You can even factor in fees for checked luggage.

Google also will help you discover things to do at your travel spot. Beyond finding the usual tourist attractions, you can learn of other activities such as sporting events, wine tours and local hiking trails. If you've got kids in tow, you can filter the results to locate children-friendly options. And through Google Maps, you can explore places to go once you reach your destination.

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  1. Google Assistant will now proactively notify you if your flight is delayed.
  2. Using flight status data and machine learning, Google can often inform you of flight delays even before the airline announces them.

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